Hospitality Training

Bar Staff Training: for all levels from beginners upwards. Training for bar staff is tailored to the needs of your staff as well as the range of products you offer on your back-bar.  We have experience with a variety of global spirits owners and can help train bar staff on each of the following areas:

Category training
General overviews of each of the spirit categories as well as the history and heritage of major products and brands within each of the categories. As part of this we take each of the brands on your back bar and ensure each of your staff know their unique selling points, what the perfect serve and signature Cocktails look and taste like.  

Basic Bar Knowledge Training
Bar station design and implementation; get practical tuition through the key skills needed to be an accomplished cocktail tender. From shaking, stirring, building, muddling, straining and free pouring, learn what is the recommended technique and why.

Classic Cocktails

You will learn the indispensable classic cocktail recipes and with that gain an understanding of how each component ingredients interacts and complements one another. These are the fundamentals providing you with the foundations to not only create the classics but learn how to create your own cocktails.

Speed of Service 

We evaluate your current bar set-up and highlight areas where speed of service can be maximised without compromising quality.  We believe this empowers bartenders as well as maximises GP for owners.  We recommend be-spoke bar station design that fits within your bar.

Customer Service and Upselling

The most important attribute for a bartender is to be good at customer service. A bar could offer the most delicious cocktails at the most reasonable prices but if the customer service is bad that bar will fail. We’ll show you the essentials of bar etiquette and how going that extra mile in service is not only personally rewarding but also financially (both individually and for the business).  Our upselling skills works shops takes candidates through the practicalities of realising opportunities to upsell, how to execute and the benefits of upselling.

Basic Wine training

There are several variances on how a bartender/ waiter may place or serve wine and our session offers guidance and practical hints that should be at the forefront of every good serving.  The importance of:

  • Glassware
  • Temperature
  • Presentation and pouring
  • Identifying faults or flaws
  • Tasting notes and identifying different styles of wine

Barista Training

The coffee revolution – The history of coffee, the culture associated with it and why it’s so popular.

Where coffee comes from – From the bean bean to roast to cup.

Understanding coffee – Arabica or Robusta, single-origin and what the differences are.

The importance of the grinder – Why calibration is so important.

Know your espresso machine – Get to know one of your most important members of the team.

Express espresso – How to grind, dose, tamp and extract and produce a perfect shot of coffee.

Technical tools – Why the tools of the trade are important when making the perfect coffee.

The art of milk – Perfectly heated and foamed milk is vital to coffee, learn how and why.

Specialities – Learn about speciality coffees.

Cleaning – Vital advice on how to keep your equipment in pristine working order.


  • Risk assessment and Standard Operating Procedure implementation
  • Mystery Shop and Evaluation/ feedback
  • Management Mentoring
  • Company Manual Development
  • Staff Appraisals


A: The North Coast, N.I.